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Automate Your Brand-Marketing Strategy to Get Booked Up!

"I am very pleased with your services. I would like you to be my marketing “go-to” person for all marketing initiatives."

- P. Vantyle, Madesco Labs

Free Mindset Kit

Your Daily Dose of Personal Development for Biz Success!

Success is 90% psychology and %10 percent strategy. Use these personal development tools everyday to create massive success.

Includes a Self Hypnosis Visualization Mp3 for Goal Accomplishment & The Full Think & Grow Rich book by Napolean Hill.

I See You, Coach!

You're ready to share your message and transform people's lives through your services.

I honour your ambition and your secret to take over the world ;)

​Your vision board is up! You're goal setting. Declaring your affirmations.

You're committed to doing whatever it takes to build your dream and you'll stop at nothing.

You see yourself being interviewed on TV, featured in magazines, and speaking all over the world.

Travel, money, freedom and luxury are all apart of the vision.

And most importantly this all happens on your terms, so you have the flexibility to love and care for your family.


Let's build your empire and laugh at your mediocre 9-5 in the rear view mirror.

It's your time baby girl!​

Let's Get Serious...

If you're just gonna "TRY" this entrepreneurship thing, please just quit.

This game is not for the faint of heart.

You have to DECIDE that you're going to make this work NO MATTER WHAT and invest in your daily personal development and business skills.

First, you're going to need to shed some weight! Get rid of all those limiting beliefs and confidence issues you have around talking about yourself​ 24/7.

Self-promotion is critical because as a coach, people are buying you. You got to get comfortable selling yourself.

And if you haven't already done so, you can count on spending hundreds and thousands of hours and dollars learning, growing and figuring this business thing out on your own...

...Or you can significantly cut your learning curve and FAST TRACK TO MORE CLIENTS and a successful consulting business.

You Got This!

Which ever route you take, as long as you hold onto the vision, you'll get there.

Remember WHY you're doing this​ and never get too caught up in HOW you're going to make it work.

Stick around long enough and YOUR DREAM ​MUST COME TRUE, and what's really cool is that it always comes sooner than you think.

My Soul Sista...

Let me tell you something.

You can DO, BE and HAVE anything you want in this life without compromise, and I promise you that my mission is to show you how to do that​.

I remember in my startup days when I used to hustle to grow my business while being pregnant,  nursing my 8-month old, helping out my ill mother annnnnd taking care of the hubby (insert finger snaps)!

I went from earning $0-$200 per month and slowly worked my way up to $10,000 months all while holding down the family.

And so can you! You can be that Super Fempreneur! That Proverbs 31 Chic!

Just sheer excellence!

Girl, I love you!

Let's Go! We're in this together.​

To Your Success!

Cherene Francis, TCHt, MNLP, MTLT

Personal Brand & Lifestyle Expert


Craig Dunkerly Financial Success Coach on LEAP! with Cherene Francis

A weekly international talk show hosted by Cherene Francis, sharing the inspiring stories of entrepreneurs who have overcome the odds to launch and grow their business.


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Craig Dunkerly Financial Success Coach on LEAP! with Cherene Francis


Get a Self Hypnosis Visualization Mp3 for Goal Accomplishment & The Full Think & Grow Rich book by Napolean Hill.

“I was at an interesting junction in my life and business. Working with Cherene helped me breakthrough challenges that have been a part of me longer than I gave it credit. Not only can I not recall those thoughts and feelings, they are no longer a part of my life.”

- Doris Chung, Book and Print Publisher


Shannon PoleEngineer

“Before I worked with Cherene I felt lost in the myriad of choices available to me and found it really hard to action toward building my own business. It always seemed easier to do other things, and that gave me no satisfaction. It only put a drain on business and the rest of my life. Working through my problem with Cherene was a transformative experience. I started the day with confusion and left with motivation and direction to action my goals. Her focus on getting me from problem to the solution was truly appreciated. As I look to the future, I’m so excited and motivated to complete the steps necessary to have my own business – as soon as we were done I had already started mentally planning my first workshop days and locations! With her guidance, I see the path towards reaching success and doing so in a way that meets my core needs. I also am more present with friends and family now, because I stay on task, and the work is being done efficiently.”

Fasana PatelEntrepreneur

“Before working with Cherene, I was fed up, overwhelmed and struggling with moving forward in my business and relationships. I felt as if I had tried everything and was unable to make strides. During my time with Cherene, she easily assisted me with my personal branding, marketing and sales leading me to a greater sense of self-awareness. Having the validation and positive suggestions from Cherene has allowed me to catapult my business!! After our time together, I have set the stage for my perfect business. I now have clarity and peace in my life, which has enhanced all areas in my world. Thank you, Cherene, for constantly holding space for my brilliance!”

"Creative Confidence to LEAP! in Business & Life"


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