Season 1 | Episode 13 | Claudia Harvey & Craig Dunkerley

Claudia Harvey

Claudia Harvey Serial Entrepreneur

Claudia Harvey is sought after as a female motivational, inspirational and business Keynote speaker for corporate functions, association meetings and conferences. With over 20 years of business experience in corporate and entrepreneurial settings and co-founding Dig It Apparel Inc from the ground up that successfully struck a deal on CBC’s Dragons’ Den, and creating On The Verge. Claudia Harvey will bring informative, dynamic and motivating energy to your event or group. Numerous topics include and are not limited to:

  • Go Big or Go Home – 7 Key Successful Start-Up Strategies
  • A Matter of Choice – How to Achieve Personal Success
  • Embracing Change – Overcoming Fear and Never Look Back
  • Sales Mastery – The 4 Pillars of the Perfect Pitch
  • From Idea to Inception – How to Launch a Killer Business
  • So You Want to Be an Entrepreneur – From Idea to Reality
  • Trio of Tools Used for the Foundation of Any Business
  • Sponsorship – How to Capitalize on Untapped Revenue
  • Starting a Business – Making the Unpredicatable Work for You

Claudia Harvey is Co-Founder of Dig It Apparel Inc. which began in 2008. Dig It’s original and flagship product is Dig It Handwear which is a unique utility glove with an Industrial Design Patent. These unique gloves provide an extraordinary advantage to the discerning woman to protect nails and hands from the environment while gardening or participating in a DIY project.  With gloves in hand, Dig It successfully struck a deal with CBC’s Dragons’ Den Kevin O’Leary in Season 4. Since inception, Dig It has added new products, is sold across North America and other continents.

Claudia Harvey is CEO and Founder of On The Verge, a strategic consulting company where entrepreneurs and business owners can be supported, guided and thrive in their personal and business life. On The Verge helps make your possibilities a reality.

As contributing author to two International Best Sellers Success Hackers and Empowering Women To Succeed Claudia hopes to inspire others.

To find out more about Dig It please visit

Please visit Contact Claudia Harvey directly for more information on how we may assist you.


Craig Dunkerley

Expert Investor and Successful CEO

season 1 episode 1 craig dunkerlyFind out how Craig transitioned out of his corporate 9-5 into being Canada’s Expert Investor and CEO at Blackthorn Group. Currently, he is helping Build Canada’s Future Millionaires.

His motto: “Stop wishing – Start doing!”

Expert investor and successful CEO Craig Dunkerley shares his secrets – encompassing all areas of financial services into one organization to maximize your results from taxes to accounting to investing. CEO and founder of Blackthorn GroupCraigDunkerley, believes that everyone should have the financial freedom to be able to spend every day of their lives doing what they want to do. With deep conviction, Craig has made it his mission to help as many Canadians as possible become millionaires and, even better, retire as millionaires! His clients have gone from struggling to building their income and reaching financial success. As an expert investor and successful owner of multiple businesses.

season 1 episode 1 craig dunkerly

As an expert investor and successful owner of multiple businesses, Craig possesses vast financial experience and knowledge which he feels is his responsibility to share. To that end, Craig has become one of Canada’s foremost speaker and international best-selling author, spreading financial enlightenment and empowering Canadians to transform their lives for the better. He is especially passionate about helping youth and has spoken at schools as well as judging for DECA at numerous local and international competitions.

Click here to find out more about what every taxpayer, investor, entrepreneur, person and needs to know about planning for their future. 

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Season 1 | Episode 12 | Alexander Michael Gittens & Lynn McIntosh

Alexander Michael Gittens

Alexander Michael Gittens on LEAP! with Cherene Francis

An acclaimed business strategist, Alexander Michael Gittens has provided billions of dollars worth of solutions to over 400 businesses in every corner of the globe. He’s held one-on-one conversations with titans of industry such as billionaire Richard Branson. His clients’ hold advanced degrees from prestigious institutions such as Harvard and MIT. They have appeared on Oprah, The Today Show, and Dr. Oz, and have been endorsed internationally by private venture capitalist. Mr. Gittens has provided inspirational speeches in the USA, Canada, Austria, Germany, Slovakia and the Czech Republic. As an acclaimed thought-leader, thousands worldwide have been empowered by his articles. No stranger to humbling success or epic failure, Alexander has travelled the world as an award-winning pianist and competed internationally as an amateur baseball player. Alexander has served as a keynote speaker for Make-A-Wish Foundation, acted as chairman for a major Big Brothers fundraising initiative and has worked with the March of Dimes and many other high-profile altruistic organizations. He was the recipient of several awards for leadership and dedication to the community, including an exclusive Citizenship Award from the Federal Government of Canada and a Leadership Awards from The Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation. Alexander holds a Bachelor and Masters Degree in Business and a postgraduate certificate in Research Methodologies. He is currently completing a Doctorate of Business in Micro-Firm Strategy.

Visit to connect with Alexander Michael Gittens via social media, read his articles and get information on his speaking events.

Lynn McIntosh

Lynn McIntosh on LEAP! with Cherene Francis

Lynn McIntosh helps divorced women regain their confidence and thrive after leaving a toxic relationship. Through personal coaching programs, her clients release their negative emotions, anger, sadness, frustration, loneliness  and learn how to regain their confidence and sense of self worth so they can move forward into living a joyful life. She is a certified coach with GoPro Coaching is based in Bolton, Ontario, Canada.

Are you stuck in a little rut? Lynn knows exactly how that feels. Just need a short sessions to get back on track? Contact Lynn McIntosh to experience “The Joyful Boost,” so you can regain your confidence and thrive after a toxic relationship. Your first call is complimentary!

Season 1 | Episode 11 | Adele Spraggon & S. Adam Wunibee

Adele Spraggon on LEAP! with Cherene FrancisAdele Spraggon

Adele Spraggon has one important and definitive role – to show trailblazing entrepreneurs TO BREAK THROUGH their leadership blocks and get the life they want. Through her live events, programs and workshops, she supports entrepreneurs and executives to live their fullest contribution and make the massive impact they were born to make in this world.

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S. Adam Wunibee on LAP! with Cherene Francis S. Adam Wunibee

S. Adam Wunibee is a Motivational Speaker and Sales Expert. He is also the host of “Issues of Life,” a live internet broadcast and the deals with the modern day challenges that people tend to hide. He believes that learning to know yourself is the best way to find success in life. To get all the tips on “Charging Your Morning,” connect with S. Adama Wunibee on Facebook.

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Season 1 | Episode 10 | Doris Chung & Pantea Kalhor

Doris Chung

Doris Chung on LEAP! with Cherene Francis

Doris Chung comes from a long line of entrepreneurs and business owners. She has a passion for design and knew continuing in her family’s printing business was forging her legacy. She has a wide of variety of skills, ranging from photography to graphic design, and print consulting to publishing.

In the last 15 years, she’s expanded her family’s company and created a new division – Publisher Production Solutions. Offering printing service of all types, and all while without forgetting her specialty in book printing and design.

Whether you’re a publisher, self-publisher, entrepreneur, author, or expert Publisher Production Solutions (PPS) can help you reach your goals. We take pride in delivering the best-printed products for your individual needs. With expertise in design and prepress, plus decades of hands-on knowledge of professional printing, we can see your projects through from first concept to finished product. Having a heritage of three generations in the industry, printing is more than our profession. It’s our passion.

Are you an expert, entrepreneur or author and ready to write your book?  Want to learn more visit:

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Pantea Kalhor

Pantea Kalhor on Leap! with Cherene FrancisPantea Kalhor is a Writer, Project manager and Agile Coach. She has degrees in Software Engineering and Master of Information Technology and is certified as “Project Manager Professional”-PMP, “Agile Certified Practitioner”-ACP, Scrum Master, Teaching and Training Adults and Web design. In other words she is a change specialist. In her Book, Rules of change for the better, Author Pantea Kalhor explores applicable rules using her personal experiences (including the carjacking, in which she was threatened with a knife to her throat and knocked forcefully to the ground) in self-improvement. Following each rule is a Practical Assignment for readers to consider. Pantea brings a fresh perspective to many familiar self-help ideas. As an incredible part of her book, rules relate to colors explaining how to tune up our mood with colors and how each rule can be supported with colors. She also describes how to transcend our energy level where to find the blockers. How to be close to ourselves and follow signs and omens in case there is no solutions hit our logic. She isn’t a therapist and her background is predominantly technical, but her areas of expertise do focus on managing change, and her related insights prove valuable in creating sustainable changes. Pantea discusses what to do when you encounter loss, how to be persistent in the face of adversity, and when to seize opportunities.

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Season 1 | Episode 9 | Carolyn Dickinson & Nick Tsimidis

Carolyn Dickinson

Carolyn Dickinson on LEAP! with Cherene Francis Carolyn Dickinson, a much in-demand speaker, International Success Coach for Entrepreneurs and author. Carolyn skillfully turns her client’ passions into profits while also guiding them toward achieving balance in their high-performance lives. Carolyn has been in business for over 17 years and has become an expert at helping her clients achieve a one-pointed clarity and focus, a state of mind that leads to truly impressive results. She works closely with her clients, teaching them to cultivate a cohesive and powerful goal-oriented vision, and coaches them by developing strategies designed to enhance their businesses and their lives. As a mom of two young girls, and meaningfully involved in all of their many activities, Carolyn understands what it means to be busy and on the go 24/7. Carolyn has also conceived of and managed a great many conferences, including her own “I Am The Boss” conference. Being a business owner is never an easy path, but it doesn’t have to be an uphill battle either. One of the key realizations that most successful entrepreneurs all arrive at is this: “you cannot do it all yourself, and it’s okay to ask for help.” Carolyn’s philosophy in life is this simple but powerful motto: “anything is possible with the right mindset.”

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Nick Tsimidis


Nick Tsimidis on LEAP! with Cherene FrancisNick Tsimidis is a partner and CFO at At Union Capital Management where they “match people who have money with people who need money”. They secure capital to help grow your real estate portfolio.

His other company, Haven Developments, is focused on “connecting you to the city you love.” As a property developer, all of their properties have immediate access to public transportation and developing infrastructure. They work with “Gold Star” partners because of their commitment to quality. Haven Developments are active shareholders in all of their developments and manage their projects from site selection to sales.

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Season 1 | Episode 7 | Suzan Hart & Greg Turner

Greg Turner

Greg Turner

Gregory Turner is the author of the book Supersize Your Business, the digital marketing guide to transform leads to profits. He is also the founder of Supersize Your Business, a marketing agency that helps businesses generate leads and convert those leads into customers.

SuperSize Your Biz Greg TUrnerHe is a consummate entrepreneur and a certified customer acquisition specialist who has been using technology to find solutions to challenges facing small and medium sized businesses for over 10 years.

If you are an entrepreneur, business owner or manager who has challenges differentiating your brands from your competitors or finding enough customers for your business, you should speak to Gregory.

He will show you how to tap into growing trends influencing consumer behaviour and will show you exactly what you need to do, to bring your product to the forefront of their consciousness.

Visit Greg Turner: to get his latest book and resources to “Supersize” your biz!

Suzan Hart on

Suzan Hart, Creating Mindset Mastery

Suzan is an inspirational speaker, master trainer and author. She is sought after to speak at national conventions for companies such as the Direct Selling Women’s Alliance (DSWA) and Isagenix International. Suzan has shared the stage with John Gray, Jack Canfield, Robert Allen, and Forbes Riley. She is the founder and host of the Fit Is The New Sexy Power Hour.

After graduating with two degrees, Suzan was at the top of her professional game, and a successful role model in her community. However her secret shame was that she was financially upside down, physically exhausted and in a failing marriage. The stress of maintaining the façade of her success had Suzan on the brink of burnout. Incredibly 7 years later Suzan became a black woman millionaire in the profession of network marketing. Suzan turned her life lessons into the strategies that created her first million. Her clients are using her EXACT systems and strategies in her 7 Step Playbook to create stress free success. Suzan is committed to mentoring hard working, results driven men and women to be un-apologetically recognized for their value, financially rewarded for their brilliance, and celebrated for the fullest expression of themselves.

Suzan Hart is the author of Leading with Character and co-author of MLM Woman with Susan Sly. She has appeared on CDs with David Wood and Stephen Covey and has also been a contributing mentor on 2 CDs for the DSWA. Suzan has also created mindset mastery programs such as, Breaking Free, Expanding Your Comfort Zone, Personal Transformational Blueprint & Antidote For Isolation Playbook. Claim your FREE Audio interview: ”The Unspoken Barrier to Success” at and contact to book Suzan for your next Motivational Keynote, mindset mastery training or national conference.

Claim your FREE Audio interview: ”The Unspoken Barrier to Success” at and contact to book Suzan for your next Motivational Keynote, mindset mastery training or national conference.

Season 1 | Episode 6 | Jackie Porter & Caryl Ayearst

About Caryl Ayearst

Caryl Ayearst Caryl Ayearst is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist who has a special interest in guiding women to sail through their hormonal hell so they can feel fantastic, have energy and age with vitality. She addresses the issues of hormonal imbalances, fatigue, insomnia, digestive issues, weight and stubborn belly fat by encompassing all aspects of an individual’s diet, stress, and lifestyle taking into account the body, mind, and spirit. Caryl spent a lifetime of ignoring her body and paid the price of developing a very unhealthy body of obesity, osteoarthritis, insomnia, autoimmune issues, brain fog and one heck of cravings for sweets! When she learned that it was her diet, stress, and lifestyle that got her into this mess, she learned how to get herself out of by changing her life and diet. The change was so profound that she decided to go back to school to study holistic nutrition graduating in 2012. Caryl went on to study Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Coaching, Hypnotherapy, nutritional upgrading courses and now has her Reiki II level. She has introduced many different types of laboratory testing into her practice to help her clients get personalized nutritional and lifestyle plans. It is time to act and make a fabulous and healthier future for yourself.

Go to for your FREE eBook on the “Top Ten Hormone Balancing Foods.”





About Jackie Porter

Jackie Porter is an award winning financial planner who helps busy professionals make informed decisions around their finances. Raised by a single mom who passed away taught Jackie that life can be unpredictable, but also gave her the gift of learning to make the best of her limited resources by figuring out how to live independently at the tender age of 16. Jackie entered the financial planning industry as a second career, after receiving a package from a major telecom company. She was intrigued by the idea of learning how to make money “ work for her” instead of having to work for money and eager to share this information with as many people as she could –especially because she was keenly aware of how her lack of financial knowledge led her to make many mistakes early on. That was 18 years ago. Jackie is a financial planner with a seven figure net worth and wants to show you how you can build your net worth- even if you are currently in debt…. Jackie is called upon frequently to provide advice to the media on the subject of RRSP contributions. She also is a featured speaker and advocate for numerous corporate, nonprofit and charitable organizations. Jackie has a passion for promoting financial literacy and created a number of financial literacy camps and after school programs for the TDSB. She has also served on the Board of Directors for Advocis Peel Halton and Advocis Toronto, an organization that regulates financial planners. In May of 2016, Jackie with her co-author Jill O’Donnell penned a book entitled “ Single by Choice or Chance- The Smart Women’s Guide to Living Longer Better” published by Insommniac Press.

Find out more about Jackie on her website:

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Season 1 | Episode 5 | Laura Avolese & Rick Daredia

About Laura Avolese

Laura Avolese on Leap! with Cherene Francis

Laura Avolese’s incredible life story reveals how she used forgiveness, spirituality, and determination to forge a happy life and successful career.Laura is a successful realtor, mother, and motivational speaker, but her success did not come easily. From a young age, Laura shouldered heavy burdens, and although she stumbled at times, through faith and forgiveness, Laura used her inner strength to reach new levels of success.

To purchase her book got to

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Season 1 | Episode 4 | Aun Japanwala & Parisa Zoghi

About Aun Japanwala CIP, CRM


As one of Toronto’s leading insurance professionals with over 5 years of experience in the commercial and residential insurance industry, I have made it my mission to ensure that my clients receive the highest levels of service and support. My focus is to provide an affordable coverage that will meet the required needs of current and future clients.

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About Parisa Zoghi

42-year-old Chemical Engineer, worked as Process Engineer in Iran for 6 years, immigrated to Canada 14 years ago as “Skilled worker”, worked as a real worker for 1.5 year, quitted and got Master of Chemical Engineering from Mcmaster University while Pregnant and my husband was working at Peterborough and had my first son in 2006. worked as Process Engineer from Feb 2008 to June 2015 for SNC-Lavalin and TENG, had my second son in 2010 and got my PEO license, quitted my job again, volunteered for so many organizations, Including PEO Oakville chapter as Event Coordinator, Tirgan Festival as member of sponsorship and marketing committee , Oakville Iranians Community( Founder and Chair since 2011), Heeva Foundation as PR. Organized community events, 2 Nowruz Bazaar for Iranian New year. started my own Company called Silc Inc. ( Sensational Iranian Leaders Corporation) supporting Iranian artists and musicians in Canada recently.

Connect with Parisa Zoghi at

Instagram:  @parisazoghi