The Art of Getting What You Want

The Art of Getting What You Want: 10 Guiding Principles that Won’t Fail You

I remember several years ago wishing and obsessing over the potential of having a freelance lifestyle where I work where I want, when I want, how I want, making as much money I desired. This may sound like a Narcissistic desire, however, this desire was birthed out of a desperate need to care for my mother who was struggling with severe schizophrenia, blindness and out of control diabetes symptoms.

I had great aspirations and it was hard for me to see myself live a normal life as many other young women did where they had all the resources and support to get to their dreams: education paid in full, an abundance of time and energy to put towards building a corporate career – freedom.

At the time, my perspective was limited as I didn’t have the specific tools and thinking modalities to help me see that my burden was actually a blessing. And with my mindset breakthrough and the proper habits in play,  I manifested my dream lifestyle and I’m still on the journey…

Below are 10 Principles that guided me in manifesting exactly what I wanted: a business and lifestyle that allowed me time, energy and money freedom to care for my family and live an adventurous life.

1. Decision

The first step to getting anything in life is first deciding what you want. You must choose a definite place in order to actually arrive. Most people avoid doing this out of fear that they will be “missing out” or make the “wrong decision,” but these feelings are coming from a lower place; a negative self-outlook.

Trust that you know who you are and what you want. And don’t worry about not liking the result when you get there. You can always change your destination and move on to something better.

It makes more sense to choose what you want, rather than have it chosen for you.

Decision is more powerful than you think. Learn how to make them.


Once you have decided on your goal, you want to format it so that your unconscious (aka subconscious) mind can act and move towards the goal with ease. Your unconscious mind is responsible for the “Goal-Getting.” The behavioral part, which are the habits, actions, instincts and emotions that lead you to your destination.

SMART is an acronym meaning that your goal must be Simple, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timely. I lead several workshops on creating SMART goals. This is truly an art. Do not take it for granted as an elementary skill. Based on my experience, 90% of people DO NOT have SMART goals mastered.

3. Confidence

Crafting your goal is one thing, however, it will never get done if you don’t have the belief that you can do it. The great business leader, Henry Ford, said, “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t–you’re right.”

In fact, there is no limit on what you can do. The only limits you have are the ones you give yourself.

4. Duplication

Don’t reinvent the wheel. If you already know someone who has done what you’re deciding to achieve then simple ask.

Get mentoring and coaching to learn from people who have the experience. It will shorten your learning curve and reduce the loss of time, money and energy trying to figure it out on your own. Follow closely and sure enough, you will achieve the same if not better results.

5. Courage

This is moving forward in spite of your environment.

You may hear people mock you and or disagree with your goal.

You may see people failing or struggling at achieving a similar goal.

You may feel like there is no room for you to accomplish your goal.

Yet, there is an awesome verse from the bible that I love and that rings true in so many philosophical and business spaces:

“Walk by faith and not by sight.” (Corinthians 5:7)

Be bold and courageous in your steps with unwavering faith that you can do it.

6. Plan

Begin to reverse engineer the steps that it will take for you to get to your goal.

In your mind, imagine that you have already achieved the goal. Then begin to think “what is the last step that I took to get here.” Then from that step, ask yourself again, what did it take to get here? And repeat until you have walked backward from your goal to now.

Reverse engineering allows you to see all the steps, time, money, and energy required to achieve what you want. I walk people through this process in my group workshops and one on one coaching all the time and alleviates the fear and overwhelm attached to achieving big goals.

How to make a plan to launch your business.

7. Flexibility

When you start to take action on what you want, you will find that your plan has a few flaws. Don’t change your goal, but continue to commit to your decision and be flexible with your plan. Maybe you need to get more help and resources to achieve your destination at your appointed time. Maybe you just need fresh and/or experienced eyes to take a look and determine where your plan can use some tweaking.

8. Lawfulness

In all the getting of your goals, you must consider the laws of your community and most importantly the laws of the universe. For obvious reasons, and in most cases, you don’t want to break the laws that have been set by governing bodies in your country, province or business associations. And in a spiritual or philosophical space, using the laws of the universe or your governing faith will  help you get to your goals faster.

Although there are debated to be 7 – 21+ universal laws, here are some that I subscribe to. You can find detailed descriptions of these laws all over the web and specifically in this book:

  1. The Law of Divine Oneness
  2. The Law of Action
  3. The Law of Vibration
  4. The Law of Correspondence
  5. The Law of Cause and Effect
  6. The Law of Compensation
  7. The Law of Attraction
  8. The Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy
  9. The Law of Gestation
  10. The Law of Relativity
  11. The Law of Polarity
  12. The Law of Rhythm
  13. The Law of Belief
  14. The Law of Gender

9. Obsession

This may sound sinful, but it’s not. It’s simply having strong perpetual and positive emotion towards the goal that you are looking to achieve.

Great passion is massive energy that your unconscious mind will use to keep you motivated and drive you towards what you want. This is the energy that has people wake up at 4 am and 5 am every morning to get work done.

Trust me, without it, your dreams will simply remain fantasies.

10. Commitment

Commitment is required for manifesting what you want. The moment you waver from the target, you literally have to start back at one.

It’s just like being a pregnant woman. You can’t abort a baby and then say, “No, I change my mind! I want my baby back!”

You would have to go through the entire gestation process all over again from the beginning.

Commit and stay to the end until you have given birth to your desires.

Let’s Get What You Want Now!

Need help manifesting the consulting brand and business that you want? Plug into my workshops or jump on a call with me to see how you can move forward in launching and growing your dream business.

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Three Tips for Ending the Year Strong

As soon as the Halloween decorations come down, the Christmas and Holiday Music pops on immediately across culture. This automatically puts you into a time of reflection and sometimes panic about ending your year and getting prepared for the new.  

To help you make the most of  your year, I want to give you Three Tips for Ending the Year Strong and crafting an incredible plan for achieving your goals.

1. Be Transparent with Yourself

Have you been committed to the goals you set for yourself this year?

Make a list of what worked so you can optimize it, as well as brainstorm new ways you can do better.

2. Clean Up and Wrap Up

Get rid of the old journals and reminders of “failure.”

You learned your lessons. Let it go and move on.

But don’t be too quick to throw in the towel!

Is there any way you can still finish the year with a big bang?

A complimentary coaching call will help you figure out what’s possible.

3. Restrategize

Don’t just set a goal on a whim New Year’s Eve.

I spend a month or so crafting my 1-year goal and quarterly goals with a plan.

Then I think it over to check for whether it is Simple, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely.

This is a process that I teach in my SMART Goal workshops.

Plus you’ll want to program these goals in your unconscious mind on a daily basis.

If you want to learn how to do this, we can chat about this in a complimentary coaching call.

Keep on using your imagination to fuel your success!

Cherene 🙂

Quite My 9-5 Protesters

My Quit the 9-5 Movement

I was always rebellious towards the traditional career. Just the thought of working for somebody and sitting at a desk from 9-5 gives me a bad feeling in my stomach. I actually feel like projectile vomiting. If you have this feeling too, it’s an indication that you have the entrepreneurial bug.

Watch the Story Behind the Quit the 9-5 Movement

It’s funny – I remember when I was 16 years old and I had a dream that I was working in a factory full of women. The setting reminded me of something from the industrial revolution in the 1800s. I was on an assembly line working miserably when all of a sudden I jumped up on the tables and started speaking and shouting to the women in the factory. I don’t remember what I was saying, but I do know that I was starting some sort of revolution.

Quit the 9-5 Movement

This dream came to my recollection the morning I was getting ready to speak at my first Quit the 9-5 Event. It was one of those dreams that I always kept in the back of my head. It was lucid and appeared to carry some sort of prophetic reassurance that I would someday be leading many women and men in some sort of empowerment movement.

So I want to ask you. Where is your heart when it comes to working a 9-5? Or how does it feel to be stuck in a career that isn’t serving your soul or your bank accounts?

How does it feel to be stuck in a career that isn’t serving your soul or your bank accounts?

If you love your job – great! Koodos to you.

But if you have even the slightest inclination to venture out, build a thriving business and become an investment savvy entrepreneur, we should talk.

As a success coach, entrepreneur and empowerment speaker, I have successfully quit my 9-5 and now I’m pumped to help other women and men do the same.

The benefits of being independent with all the money and time freedom to spend time with your loved ones and serve the community is fulfilling. I get up each morning with an excitement for life and I seriously love Monday mornings.

If you desire to start your own passion based business or you just need a transition plan to quit your job in 6 months or less. Here’s my best advice.


Your ability to successfully transition into entrepreneurship depends on your ability to decide on what you truly want in your career and life. This has to be a decision that you NEVER go back on. Even the slightest idea or desire to be comfortable in a job will be a stumbling stone because rough times are guaranteed. You need to be able to stand firm in your choice or you’ll turn out to be one of the many business entrepreneurs that give up. Your decision is a powerful action. It predicts the future and guarantees manifestation.

Choose Your Vehicle

There are many roads to a successful business. Get clear on the path you want to take to start making money. A success coach, like myself, can help you determine where to start based on your talents, skills, and desired lifestyle.

Here are a few ways you can start your venture:

  • Become a coach or consultant (Easy with low/no overhead)
  • Join a reputable network marketing company (I know a great one)
  • Become an intrapreneur in a direct sales company
  • Start an online business

Make a Plan

You need a business plan. It should include your target market, service descriptions, pricing, marketing strategy, business cash flow, mission statement, vision statement and sales projections that reflect your income goals for your business and yourself.

Creating a 6 to 12-month plan is a good place to start. You may need to cut back on your hobbies or other leisure activities in order to focus on building your business while working a 9-5. Once you know how much time you have to dedicate to your business, set realistic goals to get work done within these hours. Work your business as if it had fixed business hours. If you’re currently not working, consider picking up something part-time so you will have the funds to invest in your business as well as relieve the stress and panic of trying to find money.

Commit to Life Long Personal Growth

In entrepreneurship, you will constantly be challenged to get better. In fact, according to Tony Robbins, 80% of your success is all psychology and the other 20% is your strategy. You can count on winning the game just by developing your mindset and emotions towards creating a successful business.

For example, you will need to have an optimistic outlook and faith that you will be able to acquire the contracts, customers, and sales you desire even though it may appear like no one is interested in what you have to offer.

You will also need to master yourself. Get up on time. Work out. Eat well. Set boundaries. Meet deadlines. The list goes on and on and if you have an employee mentality (which you do if you have been an employee for most of your life or you come from a family of traditionally employed people) it will feel challenging to change your habits as you grow into the person you need to become to run a successful business.

To reshape your behaviour and thinking you WILL need to do the following non-negotiables:

  • Read Personal Development books on a daily basis
  • Implement new visualization techniques to remove limiting beliefs and install new behaviors
  • Stay up to date on industry trends
  • Take courses to learn new business skills
  • Hire 2-3 coaches to hold you accountable and guide you  on the journey. I recommend one for business, one for personal development. I currently have 5 coaches/mentors.

Change Your Circle

You will need to change or expand your circle for two reasons: Networking and Positive Support.


Naturally, you will need to spread the word about your business and generate referrals from friends, family and business associates. Be sure to TELL EVERYONE you can about your new venture.

Positive Support

If your circle tends to be other employees, then you will run into the problem of nay-sayers or worry-worts that tell you to stop struggling and get a job. These people are poisonous to your mind and vision. Stay far away!

Join or create a mastermind of people that are like-minded and are already finding success in their business. This is great for support for you as it will help you generate referral and stay accountable to your goals.

Stay Accountable

This is soooooo important. You need to tell someone your weekly and monthly goals so that you will feel obligated to actually achieve your goals. A coach will help you set goals and work towards them and if they really want to help you get results they will help you set a consequence if you don’t hit your bench marks.

Track Your Success…and Failures

Track your goals, every day, week, month, year to review your progress. You’ll need to look at what worked and what didn’t. Focus on your strengths and what’s working and keeping going. Avoid getting stuck and paralysed trying to figure out everything on your own. This leads to inactivity, confusion, and failure.

However, failure isn’t always bad. Surprisingly, your failures will teach and push you into massive success. If you do have a failure moment, don’t be hard on yourself. Simply step back, evaluate the situation, and KEEP MOVING.

Protest Quit My 9-5

So it’s time you sound the trumpet and scre the 9-5!

Make a plan and get into laser focused action with an unstoppable attitude.

I promise you that if you’re committed to succeed, you will make the jump into full-time successful entrepreneurship.

Need help? Attend one of my live Quit the 9-5 events or stay tuned for my Quit the 9-5 Video Training.

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