Mindset, High-Performance Thinking, Spiritual Coaching

“I was at an interesting junction in my life and business. Working with Cherene helped me breakthrough challenges that have been a part of me longer than I gave it credit. Not only can I not recall those thoughts and/or feelings, they are no longer a part of my life.”

– Doris Chung, Book and Print Publisher

“Before I worked with Cherene I felt lost in the myriad of choices available to me and found it really hard to action toward building my own business. It always seemed easier to do other things, and that gave me no satisfaction. It only put a drain on business and the rest of my life. Working through my problem with Cherene was a transformative experience. I started the day with confusion and left with motivation and direction to action my goals. Her focus on getting me from problem to the solution was truly appreciated. As I look to the future, I’m so excited and motivated to complete the steps necessary to have my own business – as soon as we were done I had already started mentally planning my first workshop days and locations! With her guidance, I see the path towards reaching success and doing so in a way that meets my core needs. I also am more present with friends and family now, because I stay on task, and the work is being done efficiently.”
– Shannon Pole, Engineer
“Before I worked with Cherene, I was stuck in a rut of procrastination and guilt and really didn’t know how to proceed. While I worked with Cherene, I felt her total focus on me and her complete belief that I can change and move forward. Now I find it difficult to remember what my problem was! I feel excited about my possibilities!”
– Judy Zhok, Pharmacist

Branding and Marketing Coaching

I really enjoyed the journey that Cherene took me through as it seemed like a conversation rather than an exercise. Cherene helped me achieve my goals by asking a lot of open-ended questions to get me to open up and elaborate on my business process, vision and my message to my audience. She encouraged my genuineness and was extremely supportive and patient.  She demonstrated professionalism through our interaction but also was very relatable. Overall, I found Cherene’s service to be extremely beneficial.
– Jensi Joseph-Peiris, Insurance Agent
“I am very pleased with your service and find them to be valuable, aesthetic and catchy. I would like you to be my marketing “go-to” person for all marketing initiatives.”
– Peter Vantyle, Madesco Labs
“Before working with Cherene, I was fed up, overwhelmed and struggling with moving forward in my business and relationships. I felt as if I had tried everything and was unable to make strides. During my time with Cherene, she easily assisted me with my personal branding, marketing and sales leading me to a greater sense of self-awareness. Having the validation and positive suggestions from Cherene has allowed me to catapult my business!! After our time together, I have set the stage for my perfect business. I now have clarity and peace in my life, which has enhanced all areas in my world. Thank you, Cherene, for constantly holding space for my brilliance!!”
– Fasana Patel, Entrepreneur

“I felt very scared about venturing out in a business. I was unsure of my why and message. Today, I feel confident about my why and my message, and therefore, more confident about proceeding in business. During the workshop, I felt inspired, empowered and I got confirmation of what I know to be true. It was great to see Cherene as a woman in her power. She gave very practical tools and she clearly embodies/practices everything she teaches.”

– Jennifer Veliov, Wellness Consultant

Workshop Testimonials


“Before I took this course, I was frustrated and feeling unfulfilled in business. However, this “business breakthrough” helped me to uncover my inner magnificence and gave me principles that I feel will truly help me succeed in business and life. Thank you, Cherene for this amazing course!”

– Bryan Lewars, Insurance Broker

“During the workshop, I learned about sales and systems to create my sales funnel. Now I am about to go home and work on my CRM (Customer Relationship Management System) and finish my freebie offer! It was a great workshop!”

– Jeannine Charles, Videographer

“Before I came to the Quit the 9-5 workshop I believed that it was hard to make money. During the workshop, I discovered that I can invoke and attract into my life more of what I want through the power of visualization. Now I am feeling more confident that I can attract and create the life that I want. This was quite a powerful workshop!”– Letitia Montana, Insurance Broker

“I had some great insights. The information on visualizing was wonderful! I became aware of some limiting beliefs that are powerful and I had been dismissing previously. Very helpful. Now I am excited to work further on mindset issues. I’m motivated to releasing my block and using hypnosis. Thank you Cherene. Your energy is inspiring and your connection is amazing!”

– Sheila Doris, Interior Designer