Invite Me to Speak – Cherene Francis

Invite Me to Speak

Cherene Francis


“Monetize Me”

Are you a coach, speaker or author that wants to make money and attract more clients just for being yourself? You can create multiple streams of income through your personal message!

Cherene will show you what it takes to hone your message, brand, and boldly market yourself so you can grow your business.

  • Become the top %1 in your niche with a one of a kind message so you don’t have to compete
  • Confidently step into mass marketing  through television, video, and internet marketing to increase your reach and your prices
  • Repurpose your current offerings for digital marketing so you can free up your time and make a passive income



Guarantee Your Goals! 5 Steps to Achieving Anything You Want In Business and Life

Target GoalsAre You Really Serious About Nailing Your 2017 Goals? Find Out How the Top 8% Achieve Their Goals Using 5 Power Yet Simple Steps.

With the new year steadily approaching, I bet you’re resetting your numbers and realigning yourself to achieve your goals.

The unfortunate fact is that 92% of people will fail at achieving their New Year’s Resolution. Even with lots of planning, people still come short of their dreams.

Why? Is there something that you’re missing between setting goals and seeing results? Is there a science behind success?


  • Increase your focus and align yourself with the confidence and mental stamina required to win.
  • Learn fail proof strategies that will supercharge your mind & body and guarantee your results.
  • Choose to be that person that actualizes their dreams.

Business Manifestation through Imagination: Breaking the Your Logical Box to Grow Your Business


Did you know using your imagination can help you get to your business goals 10,000x faster!

Cherene Francis will take you on a journey “down the rabbit hole” and show you how “playing dress up” may be the only thing you need to do to make more money in your business.

Are you spinning your wheels and seeing no progress?

How much longer will it take before you actually reach your entrepreneurial dreams?

This workshop is sure to give a new perspective on approaching business so you can produce the behaviours that will create more money and time freedom.

  • Hear why imagination is more important than knowledge for taking your business to the next level.
  • See the solutions to your most challenging area in business using “child like thinking.”
  • Feel more empowered to take on more clients, big deals and large contracts as you shift your mentality.

Business Mastery for Entrepreneurs: Using the Power of Your Mind to Grow Your Business

Business Plan

Business success is 80% mindset and 20% strategy.

This being true, why do you get caught up in the little details of business operations when the biggest liability is yourself?

In this talk, Cherene is going to give you an introduction to the science of success and how you can leverage the power of your mind for business success:

  • Discover how you can attract more high-paying clients through the most powerful mind-body techniques on the planet.
  • Find out why you are getting results with your current activities.
  • See how you can program your mind to experience success in your business and life.


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