Your Moment of Truth!

Discover How To Manifest Your Potential & Start Booking More High Paying Clients

Cherene Francis

Congratulations on taking the first step to discovering how you can transition into a business that books high paying clients and creates a minimum of $5000 - $10,000 per month in business revenue.

During Your One on One You Will:

  • Share your deep desires, visions and goals for creating a coaching business.
  • Get to the root problem of why you haven't been able to create a business that can support the lifestyle you want.
  • Prequalify yourself for some of my advanced coaching programs that will Guarantee your Results in Writing.

    I call this session the "Moment of Truth" because it will be the defining time in your life when you get to take control of your situation. No more wandering and wasting time. No more wasting money on programs that won't deliver. Time for you to get booked solid with high paying clients!

    What to Expect: Be prepared to stay up to 2 hours during this one on one. The investment for this session is $350+HST, and will count towards your coaching program when you enroll. You can pay via cash, credit or Paypal. Come relaxed, open and ready to finally get your business off the ground.

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