Season 1 | Episode 13 | Claudia Harvey & Craig Dunkerley – Cherene Francis

Season 1 | Episode 13 | Claudia Harvey & Craig Dunkerley

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Claudia Harvey

Claudia Harvey Serial Entrepreneur

Claudia Harvey is sought after as a female motivational, inspirational and business Keynote speaker for corporate functions, association meetings and conferences. With over 20 years of business experience in corporate and entrepreneurial settings and co-founding Dig It Apparel Inc from the ground up that successfully struck a deal on CBC’s Dragons’ Den, and creating On The Verge. Claudia Harvey will bring informative, dynamic and motivating energy to your event or group. Numerous topics include and are not limited to:

  • Go Big or Go Home – 7 Key Successful Start-Up Strategies
  • A Matter of Choice – How to Achieve Personal Success
  • Embracing Change – Overcoming Fear and Never Look Back
  • Sales Mastery – The 4 Pillars of the Perfect Pitch
  • From Idea to Inception – How to Launch a Killer Business
  • So You Want to Be an Entrepreneur – From Idea to Reality
  • Trio of Tools Used for the Foundation of Any Business
  • Sponsorship – How to Capitalize on Untapped Revenue
  • Starting a Business – Making the Unpredicatable Work for You

Claudia Harvey is Co-Founder of Dig It Apparel Inc. which began in 2008. Dig It’s original and flagship product is Dig It Handwear which is a unique utility glove with an Industrial Design Patent. These unique gloves provide an extraordinary advantage to the discerning woman to protect nails and hands from the environment while gardening or participating in a DIY project.  With gloves in hand, Dig It successfully struck a deal with CBC’s Dragons’ Den Kevin O’Leary in Season 4. Since inception, Dig It has added new products, is sold across North America and other continents.

Claudia Harvey is CEO and Founder of On The Verge, a strategic consulting company where entrepreneurs and business owners can be supported, guided and thrive in their personal and business life. On The Verge helps make your possibilities a reality.

As contributing author to two International Best Sellers Success Hackers and Empowering Women To Succeed Claudia hopes to inspire others.

To find out more about Dig It please visit

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Craig Dunkerley

Expert Investor and Successful CEO

season 1 episode 1 craig dunkerlyFind out how Craig transitioned out of his corporate 9-5 into being Canada’s Expert Investor and CEO at Blackthorn Group. Currently, he is helping Build Canada’s Future Millionaires.

His motto: “Stop wishing – Start doing!”

Expert investor and successful CEO Craig Dunkerley shares his secrets – encompassing all areas of financial services into one organization to maximize your results from taxes to accounting to investing. CEO and founder of Blackthorn GroupCraigDunkerley, believes that everyone should have the financial freedom to be able to spend every day of their lives doing what they want to do. With deep conviction, Craig has made it his mission to help as many Canadians as possible become millionaires and, even better, retire as millionaires! His clients have gone from struggling to building their income and reaching financial success. As an expert investor and successful owner of multiple businesses.

season 1 episode 1 craig dunkerly

As an expert investor and successful owner of multiple businesses, Craig possesses vast financial experience and knowledge which he feels is his responsibility to share. To that end, Craig has become one of Canada’s foremost speaker and international best-selling author, spreading financial enlightenment and empowering Canadians to transform their lives for the better. He is especially passionate about helping youth and has spoken at schools as well as judging for DECA at numerous local and international competitions.

Click here to find out more about what every taxpayer, investor, entrepreneur, person and needs to know about planning for their future. 

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