Season 1 | Episode 11 | Adele Spraggon & S. Adam Wunibee – Cherene Francis

Season 1 | Episode 11 | Adele Spraggon & S. Adam Wunibee

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Adele Spraggon on LEAP! with Cherene FrancisAdele Spraggon

Adele Spraggon has one important and definitive role – to show trailblazing entrepreneurs TO BREAK THROUGH their leadership blocks and get the life they want. Through her live events, programs and workshops, she supports entrepreneurs and executives to live their fullest contribution and make the massive impact they were born to make in this world.

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S. Adam Wunibee on LAP! with Cherene Francis S. Adam Wunibee

S. Adam Wunibee is a Motivational Speaker and Sales Expert. He is also the host of “Issues of Life,” a live internet broadcast and the deals with the modern day challenges that people tend to hide. He believes that learning to know yourself is the best way to find success in life. To get all the tips on “Charging Your Morning,” connect with S. Adama Wunibee on Facebook.

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