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Here is What We Will Cover...

This workshop includes a heavy focus on Your Business Psychology since it accounts for 80% of your success. You will also receive the MOST IMPORTANT STRATEGIES (20% of your success) on day 2.

The 80% Psychology

  • Essential belief systems for success - think like the top 10%.
  • Deep secrets behind the top Mind-Body techniques used to reprogram your mindset and get rid of limiting beliefs and negative emotions.
  • Controlling behaviours, habits and instincts for massive productivity.
  • Managing the emotional roller coaster of entrepreneurship.
  • Using your dreams, passions and special talents to drive a successful business.

The 20% Strategy

Business Plan
  • Service Development: Create coaching and consulting packages that both transform lives and sell.
  • Marketing: Committing to your audience (ideal client, target market & niche), courageously showing up in the world and connecting from the heart.
  • Sales: Leading people on the journey to transformation and change through your program offering.


  • A super clear, step by step roadmap on how you will transition from your current day job into a sustainable business.
  • A daily ritual to keep you focused and at your peak state to create your desired results.
  • The confidence to jump into full-time business so you can finally fulfill your dreams and have more time for the people and things you love.

What People Are Saying...

I felt very scared about venturing out in a business. I was unsure of my why and message. Today, I feel confident about my why and my message, and therefore, more confident about proceeding in business. During the workshop, I felt inspired, empowered and I got confirmation of what I know to be true. It was great to see Cherene as a woman in her power. She gave very practical tools and she clearly embodies/practices everything she teaches.

Jennifer Veliov
Wellness Consultant

Before I took this course, I was frustrated and feeling unfulfilled in business. However,  this “business breakthrough” helped me to uncover my inner magnificence and gave me principles that I feel will truly help me succeed in business and life. Thank you, Cherene for this amazing course!

Bryan Lewars
Insurance Broker

During the workshop, I learned about sales and systems to create my sales funnel. Now I am about to go home and work on my CRM (Customer Relationship Management System) and finish my freebie offer! It was a great workshop!

Jeannine Charles

Before I came to the Quit the 9-5 workshop I believed that it was hard to make money. During the workshop I discovered that I can invoke and attract into my life more of what I want through the power of visualization. Now I am feeling more confident that I can attract and create the life that I want. This was quite a powerful workshop!

Letitia Montana
Insurance Broker

I had some great insights. The information on visualizing was wonderful! I became aware of some limiting beliefs that are powerful and I had been dismissing previously. Very helpful. Now I am excited to work further on mindset issues. I'm motivated to releasing my block and using hypnosis. Thank you Cherene. Your energy is inspiring and your connection is amazing!

Sheila Doris
Interior Designer

Two Ways to Join...

Join Me in Toronto or Live Stream from Your Laptop!

Up Coming Dates

June 24 - 25, 2017

10 AM - 4 PM

25 Sheppard Ave W, North York, ON M2N

The Great Entrepreneurial Dilemma

Quite frankly, it seems like you're committing suicide if you leave your comfy job.

The nay-sayers around keep asking, "Are you out of your mind?"

Whether these voices are in your head or actual people around, in a sense they are right.

If you think YOU CAN'T DO IT, you're right. You can't.

But if you think YOU CAN DO IT, you're also right too.

The BIGGEST FEAR for Entrepreneurs is Failure. What if you take the leap across the chasm and fall into the pit? What if you quit your job and fail. You can lose your healthy salary, benefits, and security of the biweekly paycheck.

I can totally relate to you. When I was working my 9 to 5, all I could do is think about how I can quit my job and sustain my business.

I had a 1-year-old and a new baby on the way! Seriously? And I want to quit my job and go into my business full-time?

How can you make the transition within the next 3 to 6 months? How can you make the jump?

leap into business

Once you get bit by the entrepreneurial bug, all you can do is obsess about how much YOU NEED THIS. You are willing to do ANYTHING to make it happen.

How I Jumped from the 9 to 5 into a

Full-Time Business Making $5000+ per month in less than 6 Months

In less than 6 months I managed to quit my job and earn a full-time income while juggling a 1-year-old, being pregnant with my second baby, and taking care of my ill mother.

I bet you can imagine the pressure and fear I experienced in starting and maintaining my first business, but I made the jump and it has put me on the path to creating the life I desire.

Have you been struggling to make the jump from your dreaded full-time job into the business of your dreams? 

You want to:

  • ​Start making a full-time income and finally quit your job.
  • Have more time freedom and flexibility to do what you love, spend more time with family and enjoy life.
  • Turn your talent or hobby into a profitable business that can pay your bills and support your lifestyle.
  • Scale your business to make a passive income, so you  don't have to work around the clock.

But currently you're experiencing:

  • ​The feeling of fear and the threat of failure. How can you know for sure your business will work?
  • You don't see how to get consistent clients and sales, and you fear the uncertainty of entrepreneurship.
  • You hear the negative self-talk of your partner, family members, co-workers and even yourself. "You can lose everything! What are you doing?"

"If you think you can do a thing or think you can't do a thing, you're right."

- Henry Ford

Is 2017 the Year You Quit Your Day Job?

The game changer for me, was when I decided that I was not going back after mat leave to my 9-5.

I pledged that I would do whatever it takes. Wake up early.  Meditate. Pray. Make cold calls and sell if I had to!

Luckily, I didn't have to go door knocking or make annoying calls to strangers.

All I needed to do was something that most business advisors wouldn't tell you up front. 

The usual advice is to just "get business cards," "get a website," and "go networking​."

But I had been doing all of those things since I founded my business and 3 years later, I still wasn't making the money I needed to leave my job!

I soon found out that it wasn't about WHAT I needed to do​ to meet my goals.

It was about WHO I needed to become to be successful.​


"I soon found out that it wasn't about WHAT I needed to do​ to meet my goals. It was about WHO I needed to become to be successful."

The Breakthrough that Changed Everything.

After I decided that I was going to DO ANYTHING to make my dreams happen, it was like my prayers were answered.

I'm networking one day and someone hands me a FREE ticket valued at $150 to a full day networking event and transformational women's event.

And then, of course, when I go to that event, I win a $350 ticket to a business leadership seminar.

And that my friends, changed my life!​

All they spoke about was MINDSET, how a successful CEO behaves and how to GUARANTEE MY GOALS.

I was totally floored....and changed for good.

Half way through that seminar, I closed my first $5000 client.

"This stuff works," I said to myself. And so, I signed up for more personal development.

Over the next 12 weeks, I am immersed in a quantum vortex that totally rips every limiting belief that was preventing me from transitioning into a successful business.

Would you believe that after all that mindset work that I closed my first $12,000 month?

Yes!! I kid you not!

I went from making $2500/month or less to making $12,500 in one month!​


It's Your Turn to Breakthrough.

I invested over $20,000 to experience my breakthrough. And to be honest, I am investing thousands of dollars into my personal development and mindset now because I know that PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT and MINDSET is THE KEY TO BUSINESS SUCCESS.

As a friend, fellow entrepreneur, successful mother, wife, and woman in business, I want to share with you EXACTLY WHAT I DID TO ACHIEVE MY SUCCESS and MAKE THE LEAP.

I know the personal struggle of being an entrepreneur and making money.

I know what it's like to feel unfulfilled and even ashamed to live in your mediocre day job.

And now I know the answer...

More Praise ...

Before the workshop, I wasn't clear about my target market, and I did not have a clear direction to reach my goal. During the workshop, I understood better how to gain clarity about: target market, niche and direction. Now I am more empowered and have a more concrete goal and target. Thank you Cherene! You are the best!

Monica Meikle

I felt worthless and helpless and now I feel powerful. During the workshop I felt relieved of my pain and now I am ready to step into my power and truth.

Courtney MCCullough
Life Coach

Before I took this workshop, I must admit, I was unsure of the effectiveness of NLP, although I heard so much about it. Cherene quickly put my doubts to rest with the valuable and applicable knowledge that would unknowingly lead to my healing. I’d give this program five thumbs up if I had the extra thumb to give. Ha!

Ashton Baptiste
Sales Consultant

Before I took this course I didn’t know that the words I used to state my goal had an effect on the achievement of my goal. Now, I understand how to state my goals to be successful in the accomplishment of my result.

Myesha Barnes
Sales Consultant

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June 24 - 25, 2017

10 AM - 4 PM

25 Sheppard Ave W, North York, ON M2N

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